Adventure Day One

Ian and I took the weekend after summer camp to head out to Lexington for some nature and adventures. 

After our amazing lunch at Panera, we headed to Devil’s Marbleyard. It’s a 2.8 mile hike (1.4 up and 1.4 back) but is SUPER steep. We stopped to rest several times.

My blood sugar went low 1.38 miles from the truck, we forgot our water bottles, and Ian fell down badly several times on the way down, but as Jenna would say we were “making fucking memories.” I quoted her about half way up, and the other family on the trail with us started laughing.

We could have continued climbing up those super steep rocks in the Marbleyard but my blood sugar situation said “lie on this rock and don’t do shit for about 10 minutes”. Ian clamored around on them for a bit and declared himself king of the world.

He also said the lizard with the blue throat looked like he was going to lizard prom.

We’re in a cabin at the KOA campground. It has electricity, lights, AC, a front porch swing, and beds. This is so great.

I cooked hot dogs and beans for dinner. We played catch right up until dark. Ian fell in a hole twice during catch too. Poor guy. But he declared today a win.

These hurt when you fall on them.

These hurt when you fall on them.