Neptune Festival

I asked Ian this morning as we were snuggled in bed if he wanted to go to the Neptune Festival this weekend. I started describing that it's on the oceanfront and there are little shops ... "Oh, I thought it was about Neptune and there would be a bunch of giant telescopes." "Well, that would be an awesome festival too."

We then discussed that Neptune is a (pause while I thought about it ...) Roman god. I told him that the Greeks and the Romans - "Who are the Greeks and the Romans?" He had no context. They could have been sports teams for all he knew. So we talked about how people from France are called French. And people from Mexico are called Mexicans. So people from Greece are called Greeks and people from Rome are called Romans. But a long time ago there were civilizations.

"Do you know what a civilization is?" "Yeah, like Egypt?" "Sorta."

So then we went through civilizations and how they have government and cities and cultures and religions. And some civilizations believe in one god and some civilizations believe in lots of gods.

"Like the bible. The only two things I remember about the bible are Adam and Eve were the first two people and that Jesus died for us. Do you know some people don't believe in Jesus? But I watched a Youtube video about people who died and came back to life and this one lady said she went to heaven and saw Jesus."

"Ok! So! Back to Neptune. He was the Roman god of the sea. And there's a big statue of him down at the oceanfront. And we'll look at sand sculptures and eat funnel cake and look at jewelry." "Is jewelry expensive?" "Some is and some isn't." "I would like to buy a ring please at the Neptune Festival." "We can totally do that."

All of this before 7am. I'm tuckered and yet totally enamored with him.