I ran four miles

Technically today I ran the most mileage I have ever run in one workout. But it was full of complications. I could not easily do my run until Rich got home from his brocation at Blackstone Raids. But he got home around 5pm and no one had eaten recently so we decided to get dinner first.

For some reason, my blood sugar was high before dinner (I think I did bad math at my last snack) so I had to correct for that and bolus for my thin crust pizza. I wasn't too worried about it being high because I was about to come home and run so it would all be fixed.

I tore the house apart looking for my iPhone holder, peed twice before leaving and set off with the dogs for the first mile. The plan was to loop back to drop them off and keep going. But after only half a block, it was evident my drop off was going to be more lengthy. My long sleeve shirt was too warm but more importantly, I had to change my pants. No amount of kegels in the world was stopping me.

I stomped into the house, went upstairs to find new undies, a new shirt, and new running pants. Oh and a panty liner to finish my damn run. I decided to check my blood before heading back out and it had plummeted from 255 down to 172 and my sensor had two down arrows meaning it was dropping fast still. I turned off the pump and drank a juice box (22g of carbs), figuring that should hold me.

I set back out and ran for all three remaining miles straight. That means that I ran for four miles today with no walking breaks. I have never done that before in my life. I also improved my pace a bit so that I ran an 11.18 mile (so running at 5.37 mph). But I also soaked through that panty liner.

I finished the last mile directly in front of my house but wanted to cool down a bit so decided to walk around the block. About halfway around, though, I regretted it. I looked at my pump and it said 88 with two down arrows. Whoops. And I was getting cold, which is another sure sign I was going low.

I got home and checked my blood to find it was 55. I stared blankly into the fridge. Nothing looked good. I decided on a Fage Greek yogurt because they are the best Greek yogurts ever made on the planet. I inhaled it in record time (can you PR in yogurt eating?) and then did my best yoga corpse pose under a blanket in the living room floor, waiting for the chills to stop.

Four miles and fruyo

The good news is my knees don't hurt and I didn't get a stitch in my side. I just went through two shirts, two pairs of undies, two pants, a juice box and a yogurt to manage four miles. If this persists to 13 miles, I will need to drag a rolling suitcase behind me.

This is why I gave myself plenty of time to train for October. I sense more math is coming.