Baby Harrison

We had a visitor this afternoon. My brother's little boy Harrison came by to hang out for a few hours. Ian had a hard time understanding why Harrison couldn't play ninjas with him or even watch ninjas on TV. So he eventually resigned himself to playing blocks.

Playing blocks

After a short nap, Harrison was willing to be my little sous chef in the kitchen. He just sat in the chair in wonder as I cooked stuff at the stove. It was his own Food Network channel.

We discovered he likes broccoli but he then went bonkers when I showed him the bottle. So we had a little co-chill in the recliner while he worked on his milk.

Post broccoli bottle

Ian had a hard time not being the only baby in the house. Particularly when he started getting tired and wanted to crawl in my lap but it was already full of Harrison. At one point, Ian said, "hey let's pretend I'm Baby Harrison and that Baby Harrison is Ian. I can curl up in your lap and you can snuggle me."

So tonight Ian and I had some snuggle time of our own on the love seat. We are still in a holding pattern before we go making any siblings for Ian while Rich is still getting treatment, but for now it's nice just having one baby in the house, no matter how huge he may be in my lap.