Lessons in love from a four-year-old

Ian and I had a bit of an argument on the way home. We had gone to Angela's for dinner and as expected he didn't want to leave. He complained that I hurt him putting him in the car seat. So I ranted that I was hurting too. He hurt my arms pulling against me as we walked out the door. He hurt my back fighting me as I carried his screaming body. He hurt my feelings when he acted like a jerk.

That led to my monologue about not wanting to take him places if I have to bring home a wild animal. Blahblahblah saying sorry doesn't fix it, blahblah don't just apologize but do the right thing to start with blah.

All of a sudden this voice came from the back seat, "Mommy, do you still love me?" Man, that really stops a lecture in its tracks.

So we talked it out. I apologized for fussing and hurting his feelings. He apologized for running from me and whining.

"Mommy, do you love me when you're mad at me?" "Buster, when I'm grumpy with you is when you can be sure that I love you. That's the magic of mommies and daddies is they always love you. I made you, so of course I love you." "No, Mommy, GOD made me." "Well, fine, I had some help ..." "God made you and Daddy too. God made you from meat. People are made of meat, you know. That's why sharks bite us is cause we're made of meat and sharks love meat."

Glad we could have this talk. Mommies love their babies like sharks love meat.