Day of rest

I cooked a lamb and turnips tonight then had a bowl of cereal for dinner. It's been that kind of day. Mind you, the lamb turned out lovely and the turnips were pretty good (I need to tweak the recipe) but I just wasn't feeling it. Head colds ruin eating.

Writing today is a bit of a struggle for me. We did so little today in an effort to recover from head colds and general funk. We skipped swim lessons, I made pancakes and let Ian eat them in front of the TV. I skipped rapier practice today in favor of roaming the park with Ian. My big accomplishment today was the aforementioned lamb and sorting fabric in the sewing area.

But somehow I managed to burn 2700 calories today, so I'm pleased. And I managed to have a blood sugar of 109 before lunch so maybe all that is settling. It's 112 now. Here's to continuing that trend.