Bleh day

Today has been a little rough. I walked in the door around 10pm last night and we have deduced that Rich's iPad was most likely stolen last weekend. We think that when Rich went into his car to get dice for the dice tourney, he left it unlocked and someone later came through the parking lot and took it out of his gaming bag. I bought that for him so he'd have something to use in the hospital last year so it's a real bummer that some punk kid took it. It's locked and "Find my iPad" says that it's offline so it's not like anyone is getting any joy from it, but that doesn't put it back in our possession. This is why we can't have nice things.

After going to bed with that disappointment, we woke up at 7am so that Rich could take the dogs to the vet for their check ups. While he did that, Ian and I cleaned the bedroom and got ready for the day. Unfortunately, all three of us have been in a bit of a funk from not feeling well. Ian and I have colds and Rich has a bad tooth that doesn't get fixed until Tuesday so we're all just feeling meh. When four year olds feel meh they are even more whiny than usual.

We soldiered through the baronial inventory at the storage unit and went to Cookout for the first time. It's everything they said it would be. Very average food for incredibly cheap. But the girl behind the counter did give me a high five for my milkshake flavor choice (banana pudding), so that was a plus.

We all napped for two hours this afternoon but that only marginally improved our spirits. We watched the last part of Star Wars with Ian and he played with his new X-wing. Dinner was scrounging and honestly I'm ready for bed again.

My blood sugar has been insane for the entire week and frankly I'm tired of it. I've been scared to over-correct so I keep being conservative in my corrections, but between 4-9pm I have not been able to get my blood sugar back to "normal" despite three corrections and increasing my basal rate by almost 50%. I'm throwing insulin at it by the gallon and I'm still skirting around 200. So irritating. Invariably, I will end up at 35 once it all plays out, which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

I don't have much cheery to report today. But I did take this video of Ian sleeping this morning that pleases me. He looks pretty similar to three and a half years ago, just a lot longer.