Colorful Boston

My BodyMedia arm band informed me that while I may have been lying down from midnight to 6am, I only actually slept 4 hours and 36 minutes last night. That explains why I'm ready for bed at 8pm. I just woke up over and over and over all night, convinced I was missing my flight. We had a good meeting today, went for a long blustery walk back to the hotel, had a short jaunt over to a little pizza joint full of people drinking Bud Light and saying "wicked" and "cah", then stopped at Whole Foods on the way back to the hotel for bottled water and cookies.

I took a few fun pictures today while we were out and about.

Color your stress away

Love pumpkin

Crossing the river

Riverside pizza

When I took the picture of the coloring, Curtis said he figured I was planning on doing that at our office too. Note to self - buy crayons and coloring books on Amazon before bed.