Ups and downs

I was like a drunk person last night. The buoyancy belt they gave me at the JCC was insufficient to keep me afloat so I worked my ass off for an hour trying not to drown. When the teacher noticed I was bobbing and sinking, the other lady in the class said, "You've just got too much muscle!" I thought that was the point! The ladies were actually very nice, but at 5'2" and the same weight as me, they were plenty buoyant. I started my workout with a blood sugar of 190 and ended an hour later with a sugar of 62. That's with no insulin for 90 minutes while my pump rested in my locker. I sat on the bench in the locker room, soaking wet and texted Rich, "I'm done but low. Also I'm starving. I have burned approximately a million calories so anything is possible for dinner."

I drank my juice and waited a bit but I still felt out of it the whole way home. I walked in the door, sat down and ate ALL THE THINGS, then went upstairs to put Ian to bed at 8:20pm. I woke up at 10pm to Ian still happily entertaining himself on the iPad. It was in that haze that I pecked out last night's post. It could have all been a dream.

Today was only slightly better in that no one tried to drown me but I ate way too much and have watched my blood sugars ping pong all over.

I have left a message with my doctor to change my birth control prescription in hopes it will even out my blood sugars, weight, energy levels and moods. I am not usually a moody person and it annoys me when I get that way. I was ready to murder all the dogs this evening for very minor infractions. Exercise helps but drowning does not.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for my new prescription and shopping for a new buoyancy belt.