Shining armor and glass slippers

At Crown Tournament, I took note of the speeches that were given about each combatant and each consort during the procession. Then during court, I noted the scroll texts and some of the flowery speech offered. It all got me thinking. Mind you, not about Our Royal Majesties Ragnarr and Lynette or our newest prince and princess. Just about royalty and rank and ideals. What are the qualities we most want in a king and queen? I started quizzing Rich about this in the car as is our habit for any road trip more than 45 minutes. He argued that the typical Arthurian legend would be of strong, successful knights and fair maidens. But if we're going to be anachronistic about it anyways, shouldn't we broaden the virtues that are praised?

I tried to think of it from the perspective of a child listening to these things (convenient, as we have a child that listens to way more than we think he does). I also wondered how all these things we take for granted might sound to a new member. If I were a child or a new member, would I think that in order to be king I must have prowess above all else? And if I wanted to be queen, would I need to be beautiful in order to earn the praise of scroll text and heralds? I'm probably over thinking this, but I wondered what things I would like to hear during court or on the field.

Rich seemed to think that I wanted these public statements to be more "realistic", but it's not like I want an award scroll to say Given by Our Mighty King Who Wears Sweatpants Under His Tunic*. We don't need to praise promptness or wax poetic about how well Their Majesties can keep track of receipts. That's just silly.

I did, however, spend time in the car (as we thawed out from a very chilly court) wondering what qualities in our monarchs should we all aspire to see and have ourselves. They are, after all, our inspiration.

I want my king to be just, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, to have success but weather adversity with grace. I want my queen to be joyous, patient, kind, and an astute judge of character. Interestingly, these are all things I would also want for my four year old in both the Society and modern life.

It is largely luck that we could have monarchs that perfectly embody all those qualities. But by praising those features we want to see, perhaps that helps make them come true.

* I did note His Majesty's pants on Saturday and found no fault with them. :) Also, I myself would have paid $100 for a pair of sweatpants to have under my dress during evening court once the sun went behind the trees. Don't be hatin'