Crown Tourney

We spent the day at Crown Tourney in Leesburg and it was lovely. Ian and I are working on a cold but we rallied. I totally need to rent a second kid to take to events with us because Ian became significantly lower maintenance once the 7 year old arrived. He went from nagging me and whining about everything to disappearing for hours at at time to play ninja turtles and Skylanders. I only had to work on one special project of retrieving the soccer ball from the other side of the electric fence and they were otherwise relatively self-sufficient.

I spent way too much (again) at Eadric's pottery but I have another lovely mug and another side dish for turnips etc. Kathy asked me what I have of Eadric's and I told her it was better not to know. I know I have at least 12 place settings ... but they all make me so happy!

I was pleased to stand next to Cuan and his son so that every time the boy asked a question about what just happened on the list field, I could learn too. You would think after all these years, I would be better at deciphering what they're doing, but a lot of it's a blur.

Holy moly it was so cold! I was only slightly prepared for it being so chilly, in that I only had a light wrap. I missed my wool. We had a great day, though, and my kid was super good. Mostly I was pleased to leave site, put on warm clothes, and head to the Smiths for pizza and green tea. I'm eking out this entry before I succumb to the apple cider or the fatigue. But it was a good day all around.

Another oatmeal post, but my fingers are still warming up.