Getting stronger

I ran yesterday and it was fun. And today, I had Rich take this picture of my arm.

Michelle Obama arms in progress

I'm no Linda Hamilton by any means, but there is certainly more definition there than there has been in ... well, ever.

I took a "Step and Sculpt" class today at the JCC after work. Ian went to the playground for a bit and then played basketball with Rich and then they came up to see if I was done yet. He informed me that I was gone "forever" and then was full of questions. "Mommy, why are you so sweaty? Mommy, you looked like you were dancing in there! Mommy, why did you go to that class?"

I told Ian that I went to that class because it was fun. But also because it makes me stronger. And just like we tell him that he needs to eat good food to get strong, he also needs to use his muscles to get strong. I told him that since he keeps getting heavier, I need to exercise so I can stay strong enough to lift him. I'm actually very proud of myself that my answer for him had nothing to do with weight.

After we went to dinner and Home Depot (seriously, we've been there almost daily for the last two weeks), he ran into my arms as we headed to the parking lot. He shouted out, "Mommy! You exercised today so you can carry me!" And as much as my knees wanted to buckle at first and my arms burned from his 45 pounds, I grinned.