The Hope Lodge

This whole post is just one huge photo dump. The Hope Lodge here in Nashville holds 41 rooms for guests, each that can hold three people (one double bed and one twin). It's nothing fancy and the room smells a bit like old lady, but there are a lot of old ladies around here, so that's logical.

Corner suite

Rest of suite

You do have a private bathroom, but you are not allowed to have any food or drinks in your room. (I kept orange juice for going low and the front desk lady just said don't tell anybody.) There are so many residents with lowered immune systems they don't want to risk mold or allergies or anything in the rooms. All food has to stay in the kitchen and dining area on the first floor.


But the kitchen area is pretty cool. They have a wall of large fridges for guests, an ice machine, filtered hot and cold water, coffee machines, pantry space, freezer space, a fridge just for meds, and four distinct kitchen areas. There are three gas grills out back for grilling or dining al fresco. And everyone is incredibly sweet.

Day room

Each floor has a day room with puzzles, a TV, and several couches if you're tired of being in your room. There's also a laundry room with washers and dryers. There is no laundry service here so you have to wash your own sheets and towels.

Everything is completely free. There's wifi, DirecTV, donated snacks, an exercise room, free parking and it's across the street from the hospital complex. My only complaint is the stairwells are a little creepy. There is a security guard on duty at night and a front desk attendant until 10pm. There is a free shuttle that will take you to any appointments within the medical complex.

This is the first time I've seen for myself what donations to the American Cancer Society do. We almost didn't get a space here but were called as soon as we landed in Nashville. The Hope Lodge is saving us about $750 in hotel costs (and that's at the medical necessity rate at the Holiday Inn). This last minute trip was not cheap, but it is now significantly cheaper thanks to the American Cancer Society.

We are very grateful.