Test results - now with twice the confusing acronyms

I texted Andi with an I today to get an update and she said someone would be in touch. When we were in the grocery store at 6:15pm, the nurse called Rich's phone which happened to be in the car so of course we missed her. In some ways I'm glad she left a voicemail versus talking to us while we were in the produce section of Food Lion with a three year old. I was able to play her message several times and transcribe it. I have no idea what it means but Rich and I heard very different versions of the same thing. His version was basically, "we found cancer but there's no room on the bus for you so go with God."

The nurse (Donna) said that they completed the molecular profiling and found two mutations - KRAS and GNAS.

There are two clinical trials that they have at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. One is an oral medication that combines a MEC and AKT inhibitor. The other "hits the ERK pathway." (I have no idea what that means. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?)

Neither clinical trial has an opening at the moment but Rich's name has been put in for when one becomes available. Dr. Bendell is also looking for other solutions in the meantime. Donna will call us again on Wednesday to try to reach us in person.

I know those terms are right because Google confirmed them, but I have no idea what they mean. I might give my PubMed account a workout or I might just hope for a better translation in the morning.