No news

We're all alive here, I just haven't been up to posting much. It's been busy with our huge annual conference a few weeks ago and all the prep for our huge SCA event that was yesterday. Now I feel like we can all breathe a little more. I don't even remember when we went to Nashville ... oh, right, March 14. When we were there, Andi with an I (our patient navigator) said that we should have test results in a few days. I was doubtful, based on the findings from University of Maryland where the number of cells was sparse. I texted on the 21st and they said, "had our biomarker guy talk to the path[ology] group and they said they can do the sequencing." No idea what that means, but it sounds like they're working on it. I texted again on the 29th but Andi was out. On Monday April 1, Andi said, "still haven't heard back but we are looking into it. Stay tuned." So then this Friday the 5th, I asked again and Andi said, "Just checked again. No word yet. Maybe path group is backed up? Dr. Bendell is having people look into it."

So no news, really.

Meanwhile, I went to California for work, came home via a red eye flight and then took Rich to an endoscopy. Ever since the MoAS (Mother of All Surgeries), he has had mild indigestion and frequent burping. No one is really sure what causes it, but they wanted to put a camera down his throat to look around. They found nothing wrong (which was a relief to Rich) but did notice the bottom of his esophagus is slightly inflamed, in keeping with acid reflux. But that's all we know about that so far and no one can yet explain why Rich burps more.

We're in a bit of a holding pattern.

Last week, Rich caught some sort of stomach bug that laid him up from Wednesday through Friday. I was a little concerned he wouldn't make it to our big SCA event, but in the eleventh hour he rallied. Now we're home, the car is unpacked and we're back to life as usual, including another conference this week.

While no news is supposedly good news, it would be nice if we at least had something that helped us move forward.