I'm not shouting! Ok, I am shouting!

Rich said that he was upset but he wasn't sure if he should be. We had just walked out the front door of the office to take a stroll around the parking lot. He said that after trying several times to reach Dr. Hausner, some woman from his office called this afternoon. She said that she had talked to Hausner and was calling to tell Rich that we should go ahead with the chemotherapy and when could he come into the office to start treatment.

What. The. I don't even know how to respond to you because what you've said is so crazy.

Rich tells her that we were waiting to hear from Hausner and he had emailed us and we wanted to know if the plan was still to try to get a K-Ras test result. We thought antibody treatment was the plan still and we live four hours away so we were hoping to have treatment local to us. That's why we had tried reaching Hausner so that he could give the right information to our local oncologist.

She casually said, "well, I can text Dr. Hausner and ask him to call you. He probably meant antibody treatment instead of chemotherapy and I just misunderstood him."

To quote Mrs. White, "flames ... on the sides of my face."

So I told Rich he was quite justified in being grumpy since I wanted to smack this woman. And now we're watching YouTube clips from a 27 year old classic movie.