Living with dogs

At 1:25am I woke up to Dante barking his head off. Since Dante is a hound mix of some sort, his barking sounds like he is being murdered. BARROOOOO! I stumbled down the stairs and as I turned the corner, both dogs skulked out of the kitchen in a "cheese it!" maneuver. I walked into the kitchen and discovered that Mollie had discovered some rolls I had thrown away (and had apparently forgotten to lock the trash can). Yes, we have a locking trash can in the kitchen. Mollie was of course nowhere to be found suddenly, but Dante was fervently protecting a single tiny roll he had stolen from her.

Dante was barking his fool head off in the middle of the night to tattle on Mollie for getting into the trash and not sharing the rolls she found. I was actually unsure if I should smack Dante or pat him on the head.

I shook my head and went back to bed. Then this morning when I was brushing my teeth someone sent me a text message. Mollie was suddenly in the bathroom trying to sit on my foot and shaking like a leaf. My dog is scared of the noise my iPhone makes when I get a text message. The logical thing I decided to do was sit in the walk-in closet with her this morning and scroll through text sounds while petting her trying to pick one that worked the best.

I would play one and Mollie would look at me sadly. Then I would try another and she would try to bolt out the door. I'm considering getting a bag of dog treats and having a lengthy text conversation while leashing the dog to my leg and handing her treats with each incoming volley of words. Laura, you're on notice for said conversation.