A day in the life

Today I have: Packed Ian's lunch and dressed him for school. He had to put on his socks and shoes before leaving but could wait to change his shirt until we got there. We stopped at Wawa (of course). I got him to school and read him one Thomas the train story before peeling him off of me into the arms of his teacher. I rejoiced that there were no tears.

I met with developers and service folks. We had a few meetings. I approved a few development items and had some suggestions for how to fix a few things.

I went to Wal-Mart (against my better judgement) and scored more sweatpants for my husband, some sweatshirts for him and an entire new wardrobe for Ian where each item was $4 or less. I also found several high protein snacks to try to put weight back on my husband.

I left just in time to get to my nail appointment. I filled the shop in on our last two weeks as we struggled to get slime green nail polish off me. I now have "red pearl" nails for the holiday season. I also used Amazon Prime on my phone to buy my nail tech's Christmas present for my hairdresser, thereby blowing her mind.

I fixed Rich lunch and had a snack of my own. I worked on some emails. I wrote a custom search to show how to find borrowing overdue items to possibly block patrons and created a video showing how it works.

I hunted down the sour smell in my minivan. I think it was one of the seven cereal bowls hidden in various crannies of the passenger compartment. I brought the trash can in and started a load of all the clothes from Wal-Mart. I picked up the geriatric cat that was contemplating peeing in the living room and delivered her to a litter box as a better option.

I took the dogs for a brief walk to get some sunshine while Rich napped. I discovered and disposed of the cat poop the geriatric cat produced for us in the middle of the living room while we were on our walk. I worked on some more emails, talked to some co-workers and made some more notes about products.

I took Rich out to get him a 700 calorie smoothie to help put some weight back on him. I talked to my mom while driving through traffic to retrieve my son. I met one of his new teachers who says Ian is working on his listening ears, whatever that means. I let my son go outside without a coat and gave him a smoothie.

I emptied and refilled the dishwasher then brought the Wal-Mart clothes upstairs. I fixed plates for Ian and me of the delicious pork loin our neighbors made us. I had an in depth discussion with my son about trying to go potty before bed, only to have a tearful conversation in the potty about expectations and communication. I watched Busytown and nursed my son into unconsciousness. I carried all 42 pounds of him upstairs, all the while contemplating how much one of those banister chairs cost. I waited patiently for the geriatric cat to finish hacking up her hairballs so I could clean those up (thankfully off the tile) before returning dishes to the neighbors. I answered some more emails.

And I took a picture of Rich and me on the couch, just so I could document us together this day. It's low light and grainy but we're both smiling. It was the one where he looked the heaviest and I looked the lightest, so win-win.


I'm going to strip the bed upstairs shortly since my son wet the bed last night (hence the potty discussion). And then I'm going to have a cup of tea. Or possibly a hard cider.