Life on the run

Ian has been moving non stop all day.

Running non stop

We went to the hobby store to pick up a train and look around. And then we went to the playground. Then we stopped for a cheeseburger on the way home. He told me he wasn't tired and I actually believed him. So we went back out again to Target to buy some socks for Rich (apparently every pair of his socks has disappeared the last few weeks).

I worried a bit that things may start to fall apart after 4pm, but he kept it together. Things got a little touch and go at dinner time because he was so exhausted, but after a brief meltdown and talking it out, he agreed to sit at the table and watch Scooby Doo while we ate dinner (he wasn't hungry).

15 minutes later he was passed out and drooling on his place mat.

Passed out during dinner

He woke up again around 9pm but after a brief potty trip and some snuggles he is back asleep on the couch. I'll move him to the bed when we go upstairs.

Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm still upright. Even when he's awesome, and he was awesome all day today, he is exhausting. I may pass out at the dining room table myself. But damn, he's just so cute!