Immeasurable progress

My husband smells so good right now! After eight days of minimal personal hygiene it's so nice to have him smell so sweet! He's home now, where home is Beth's sofa. Now that we're out of the hospital, though, Rich is having a hard time gauging how he's doing. He just woke up a bit ago and asked "am I doing okay?" It's hard to help him see that staying up all night with hiccups and only walking the halls with a million monitors and IV poles has progressed to a shower, some real clothes and a nap on the couch while watching Netflix. I know perfectly healthy people who accomplish less than that on any given Sunday.

I'm proud of him. He's done a lot today. He's done a lot this week. And we'll keep moving forward. But for now, he's napping on the sofa while I drink wine in Steve's chair and we're just fine with that.