Finding ones voice

"I aint lookin for a free ride home, back to the middle,I need a new locale, I need a girl that calls me baby, I need to know if she can save me."

Needtobreathe - Drive All Night

My friend Kim said once that she has two requirements for a car - that it should go and that it should play music. My first car was a powder blue K car station wagon that only had an AM radio and I went through an alarming amount of C batteries with the little boombox I stuck in the front seat so that I could have music while I drove.

I noticed this morning as I commuted into the hospital without Ian that the radio had been turned off all week. Partly it was because I had Siri giving me directions and Ian giving me a play by play of his day and it was just too much noise. But I also think I was not up for the music.

But last night I sang to myself as I drove home, tentatively, and trying to pick songs that my minimal snotty vocal range could handle with this cold. But it was nice.

And as I stepped into the car this morning, I instinctively turned on the radio. When I stopped for gas, I left the car door open so I could keep listening to a song I liked. I found myself swaying and tapping my feet. I may have even done a few drum solos on the steering wheel.

I still have this stupid cough but my voice is coming back, in many ways.