Speedy recovery

Rich is doing much better today. His stomach incision is still really sore, but he's off the morphine and onto pills. Megan's mom Liz came by to help out a bit this afternoon and they decided to take a few laps around the halls while I went outside to get some sunshine.

Walking the halls

Their workout should have taken them about 30 minutes but when I came back to the room they were already back. I asked what was up and they said the nurses made them stop. Apparently they were completing their second lap when the nurses met them at the door to their room and pulled them over. They said the mobile monitor he's wearing told them his heart rate had risen too much so he had to stop for now.

My husband got stopped by the cops in grippy socks and a hospital gown.

We're still unsure when he'll be able to go home. It depends on when his bowels "wake up" from the surgery. Everyone is monitoring his temperature and heart rate and fluids and stitches. We're in very good hands. And the next time we head out for a walk, we're strapping a radar detector to the IV pole.