The storm before the calm

Operation colon blow was a success, if there is such a thing. The laptop in the potty was a fine thing. As the day wore on, though, Rich got more and more fretful. I on the other hand got more and more excited. We're about to remove all the slime (well, Dr. Hanna is) and then work on feeling better. Those are all Good Things!

At bedtime, he was looking haggard in the face (worry is exhausting). I wish I could just take all that worry away from him, but alas medical science has not invented the Vulcan mind meld.

So I sat at Beth and Steve's dining room table and cut slime green ribbons. It's all there was left on my list to do.

Ian has been exceptional today. We had a rough bedtime, but he burned out fast so we did get a bit of rest from all his ball of energy.

We are checking in for surgery at 6:30am. Surgery should start around 7:30am. I'll be tweeting and sending FB status updates as the day goes. And I'll have to do a blog post at some point for NaBloPoMo. This will be the biggest crowd-sourced slime-ectomy in history.

Don't forget your slimiest green (or orange) tomorrow and post pics if you can. Facebook is fine and just tag me or Rich. Or Kim Myers and Logan Rath made a Flickr group called Fight the Slime to compile photos.

Go Team Stryker!