It's 1am and Shannon just finished emptying my fridge of anything that might try to form its own canton while we are away the next two weeks. The incipient canton of white chicken chili is no longer delicious and has a hard time finding an exchequer. Today was a wonderful day. We are now officially the next territorial baron and baroness of the lovely Barony of Marinus. I lost my voice over the course of the day so I sound awful but I'm feeling okay. I have been a baroness before but I'm rusty and the technology has changed a bit in the last 14 years. But the personal aspects are still all the same and I was continually reminded today of why I love this role in the society.

Many years ago I was talking with my mom and she mentioned my brother Perry had the cv boot on his Jetta go out. He called his friend George at 4:30 on a Sunday when the parts store closes at 6. George retrieved the part, met him on the side of the road and helped him fix it. My mother exclaimed, "Perry has friends - real friends!"

As Shannon threw out old strawberries and did my dishes at 12:47am I thought of Perry and George. So to quote the Golden Girls, thank you for being a friend.