Cancer vacation

I debated on going to Yale this week. First I was supposed to go on Sunday and Monday but little things like Hurricane Sandy changed those plans. I moved my flight to the end of the week but was unsure if I would follow through with it. As we get closer to the surgery date, the days seem to be a bit more full and I'm a little more tired. But I thought going might be a nice break from the office and the drag. I knew Tom would be understanding either way if I couldn't come, but he and all the other folks at Yale are so sweet, I knew it would be a pleasant trip. So I scrambled to find a hotel room (so many are without power still that a hotel can be hard to come by) and packed my bag.

And so far it's been a great trip. I had a very pleasant sushi dinner around the corner from my hotel and a great red wine later that evening. I set up camp in the hotel room and settled into the laptop to do some writing. I went to bed at 9pm and slept like the dead, hogging the entire bed.

Our meeting this morning was very productive and we had a lovely lunch of thin crust pizza (my fave!). I get home around 9:30 and my boy will be there to meet me at the airport. Rich is going to game with the guys this evening so we'll all have a bit of a break from cancer.

I have a few more lists to make and a few more things to pack (and some medieval gowns to finish for Investiture!) but we're in the home stretch. I did have my first bad dream last night, so apparently som part of me still wasn't taking a break. But I'm planning on coming home refreshed and ready to wave pompoms again.

In the meantime, it's gorgeous here.

Beinecke library at Yale