When my father lived across the street from my mother, he would spend the evenings at her house working on installing closets in the various rooms. Of course as the evening wore on, Mom would offer him dinner since he was already there. After weeks of this, Daddy told her that he would like to take her out to dinner in exchange for all the meals she'd given him. Mom said something like "oh, you don't have to do that" and he replied "Yes, I do. I've never been on a date and I need the practice." You have to admire his honesty. So I'm writing today just because I need the practice. And you, my dear reader, are just like Mom patiently enduring my company.

I was back at work today after three days of reduced productivity and general illness. As I noted at lunch, I had the first world problem of literally being tired from all the chewing after three days of not eating. My throat is also very sore still from all the puking. I could never be a bulimic.

A wave of anxiety hit me today as we picked up Ian from school. He hadn't napped today at all and was apparently "wild" and not using his "listening ears". I don't know why, but getting a serious warning from a preschool teacher just suddenly got me all angsty. I know it was just a trigger. My meds got all wacked out when I was at death's door this week so I'm recalibrating. But it was an unpleasant dinner with a knot in my stomach.

Mr. No Nap fell asleep today at 7pm, though, so all night Rich and I have been off schedule ourselves. We have two extra hours to our evening we don't know what to do with! I took the dogs for a super long walk in the near rain (not quite up for a run yet after being sick) and was surprised by all this daylight. I keep turning around thinking it's almost bed time. Of course, I have to convince our willful child to try and potty some time tonight before he wets the bed since he fell asleep in the car.

I'm off to Ohio this week for a variety of meetings but it should be a good time overall. I packed running clothes so here's hoping I continue to mend and can fit in a workout. This half marathon isn't going to run itself. I just need more practice.