Guilty pleasures: music you must sing out loud

I made you all a mixtape! I had that same head cold everyone had these last few months. While it didn't kill me, it did mess up my throat so that I couldn't do much singing. It wasn't until my cold finally cleared that I realized how much I missed it. Something cheesy came on the radio and I just sang my heart out in my minivan without repercussions. And that led to my digging up a few of my favorite guilty pleasure tunes for your enjoyment. I'll list them here with descriptions and links to YouTube videos, but you can also listen to them all on online. As a warning a few have naughty words so slap on the headphones if you're at work. And when you get home, crank it up and shake your butt.

Open Tape - Guilty Pleasures (auto plays)

OneRepublic - Good Life This band is probably what I was crooning in the car. I just can't get enough of this song. I particularly love when they say "hopelessly" because it reminds me of's "Yes We Can" song.

Neil Diamond - America This one is for you, Becca. I dare you all to not yell out TODAY! along with him. (And wow, the YouTube comments for this video.)

Heavy D and the Boyz - Now That We Found Love This is me dipping my toe into the world of hip hop. I know, I'm pretty lame, but I love Heavy's voice. Rest in Peace, Mr. D.

Britney Spears - Piece of Me While I am no Chris Crocker (and holy crap, 48 million views on that video!), I do hate to see folks make fun of Britney Spears when she's a pop icon and a mom. I would love to have her dance moves (the recent ones, not the Baby One More Time ones). So sing it, girl. Address your haters.

Cece Peniston - Finally This is from the Priscilla Queen of the Desert soundtrack, which I highly recommend. I should that movie out and watch it again. This song had me a "brown cocoa skin".

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger I know, I know. Everyone wants to bitch about this song, but I LOVE IT. I actually would like more songs like this in my life. I told Rich I wanted to find songs with this much bass but not electronica songs that were 9 minutes long. And the video is very cool. And hey, shirtless Adam Levine.

Patty Loveless - Blame It On Your Heart I took a hard turn into the land of country music for this one but it's worth it. Patty Loveless is very fun and you have to sing along by the end of it or you have no soul.

Tina Turner - Proud Mary I love the two paces of this song. Tina Turner is wonderful, regardless of her taste in men. And I just learned she is 72 years old. Go Tina!

Kanye West - Gold Digger Mr. West is a little bit insane, but this song is awesomely irreverent. (And he is pretty handsome too.)

Alicia Keys - No One I wouldn't have included this song, were it not for this video that cracks me up every damn time. The oh uh oh OH ohs alone are worth it. Rich calls any song that sounds like this my "addressing your haters song".

OneRepulic - Secrets I couldn't decide which OneRepublic song to include so dammit, you're getting both of them. The cello intro in this song makes me so happy and it is my latest "addressing your haters" love.

So let yourself go!

Kim and Genie