Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up this morning with one nostril completely sealed shut. It just wouldn't be a holiday if I weren't sick. I think I keep saying I don't have time to be sick, so my body understands that and when it finds a long weekend it says "AHA! Now's my chance to really explore the space of congestion, body aches and general fatigue without any work deadlines to get in the way."

But it was a lovely day, which allowed us to play outside a bit and enjoy the sun in amongst turkey and desserts. We do two Thanksgiving dinners in one day which is pretty much insane but I'll declare that after today is over and we'll start having more reasonable eating schedules for the long weekend.

I'm thankful for our gorgeous, bright and cheery little boy, my clever handsome husband, my generous and funny family and all our relatively good health. I'm grateful that I have no need to go out shopping tomorrow anywhere and can spend the day puttering about the house and recuperating from this cold.

I leave you with a video from our car trip to Richmond this afternoon. All in all a good day.