Midlife crises

My laptop bag came this week and it is lovely! Rich and I were talking about it and he asked me how much it cost. "It was kinda pricey." "Like how pricey?" "Like over a hundred ... but I really wanted it!" "And you got a second bag too, though, right?" "Yeah ... but it was super cheap!" "I wanna buy a helmet."

Um, ok. So Rich wanted this helmet. It's stainless steel and titanium and is made by Duke So-and-so and is wonderful! And he never did get the hockey pads he said he was going to get for his midlife crisis. And he hasn't slept with anyone else. So he wanted this helmet to be his midlife crisis.

And so my husband is getting a new helmet. It ships today.

Rich's new helmet

All in all, I'm figuring this is a win-win situation.