Ounce by ounce

30 minutes' work
It took me 30 minutes to pump two ounces of milk, milk that I will be pouring down the sink in my hotel room. And even though I have the pump, I end up having to hand express which involves hand-cramping squeezing and hoping I don't just spray milk all over myself and the hotel bed.

I'm pumping less. It used to be when I left Ian for a trip, I had to pump for all the times he normally nursed, which is at least three times a day (morning, after work, bedtime). But this trip and last week, I've only been pumping once a day and it's been tough to get much out.

So we are slowly weaning, if weaning means Ian choosing to nurse every so slightly less each week. I'm fine with that. Ian will be 25 months tomorrow and our nursing relationship has been the best I could have hoped for. I feel lucky, really, that we've had such an easy time of it. I just wish I could share that luck with other mothers and babies.