Under pressure

The good news is that my EKG, chest x-ray and blood work all show normal. So by all accounts, I'm not at death's door. My blood pressure is fine. My chest is clear. My pulse is slightly elevated, though.

And my blood sugar has been through the roof for two weeks at least. So there is something wrong, but we aren't exactly sure what. It's actually interesting that I can use my blood sugar as this early warning detection system to know if something is out of whack. We won't mention that the blood sugar probably wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't diabetic.

But after 26 years as a diabetic, I learned something today. The doctor said that if I am fighting an infection it can weaken my system overall so that simple things will make my pulse race. So it's possible that this mysterious illness that I'm fighting is just making me have a hard time all around.

I'm ready for an easier time whenever it's ready for me.