Pluses and Minuses

On the plus side, we had a great dinner at our local sushi restaurant. Since it's Monday, the place was deserted and we could let our toddler roam free. They love him there because not only is he the world's cutest little boy, but he eats his own sushi roll (with seaweed and salmon and avocado) and miso soup every time we visit. On the minus side, I got distracted and forgot to take my insulin with dinner. Then we drove home to meet my parents and give them dinner I'd cooked in the crock pot. Then I noticed it was gorgeous outside so we took the dogs for a long walk. And suddenly it was 8:30 and I remembered my dinner from 6pm. That would be why my blood sugar is 386. Sigh.

So while it was a good evening, I'm wiped out now all because of one stupid oversight. I've taken a gallon of insulin and am gonna have some water and go lie down. Here's to a better morning and no low blood sugars tonight.