Wait, is that my left or your left?

I bought myself a new laptop bag last night. Part of me felt like I need another bag like I need a hole in the head, but I really wanted it and it's a Timbuk2 bag so it will last forever. One of the customizations it offered was being able to make the bag "left-handed". I have a memory of making my previous messenger bag left-handed but their description this time had me confused. It said that the left-handed bag is worn over your left shoulder sitting on your right hip. But that's not how I wear my bag, despite being left-handed. I was so confused and worried about picking the wrong bag I started googling left-handed bags. Their blog talked about it more, but just continued to make me wonder.

Rich apparently wears his bags on his left shoulder sitting on his right hip and he's about as right-handed as anyone I know. So are we both backwards? If I don't wear something across my chest, it's on my right shoulder so that my left arm is free. And since I'm used to the weight over there, if it's across my body, I'll still have the bag on my right hip. As far as I understand, I chose "right-handed" for my bag even though I'm left-handed because I want the bag to go across my chest and sit on my right hip. Though, I think I messed it up in that I want the adjustable strap to be at the bag of the bag when it's on my hip and I think it's going to be at the front. Will that really annoy me or will I love the convenience of the cam strap being at the front? I know of my other bag with it at the back I've had things (or mischievous people) pull up the cam strap clip behind me and make it loosen up. But the loop can be bulky so I don't know that I'll want it in the front. GAH!

So because I am who I am, I'm convinced I ordered a custom bag that is right-handed when I even had the opportunity to make it left-handed and it will all be because of some big misunderstanding of whose left and right we're talking about. Like my old boss Harry says, "what do stupid people do?"

I guess they learn to use a bag that sits on the wrong hip.