Office space

I have several weighty topics I'm itching to blog about but it's 11pm and I'm just now getting home from "high stakes bunco" so those will have to wait for another day. We did a relatively big shuffle in the office today. I went to lunch with Bossman yesterday and we discussed trying out shared office spaces. We couldn't do much yesterday since I went home sick, but as soon as I got to work we had a 9am meeting where I announced our game plan.

Our newest employee is so cute; she said, "so you think we'll move our offices sometime this week?" We were moving desks by 10am and had everyone in place by 2:30pm. We're not ones to dilly dally around much. Despite the 30 minutes notice on tearing my employees' offices apart, they all took it well. Here's hoping they find good things about the new space.

Meanwhile, I think my oatmeal is locked in a drawer of my disassembled desk behind a 4000lb lateral file so I'm not sure what I'm having for breakfast in the office tomorrow.