Seeing the positive in my car accident

I IMed Rich around 11 and said, "I'm not feeling so great so after my lunch with Bossman I might go home." Of course when he was leaving for lunch I told him I'd be coming back after lunch to "clean up a few things". He frowned but said OK.

Lunch actually made me feel a little better so I thought I might rally. But as I sat at my desk I was burning up but shivering. So I decided to finally give up and go home around 3pm. As I puttered down East Ocean View Ave, I daydreamed about how nice a nap would be. And then at 3rd Bay, the Tundra in front of me stopped short and I had to slam on the brakes. Right about the time I was feeling so proud for effectively using my anti-lock brakes, the Jetta behind me slammed into my bumper and pushed me into the Tundra.


Either I should have gone home when Rich frowned at me or I should have just stayed at work.

I must say for an accident it was the nicest accident I could have been in. Tundra dude was as nice as he could be and actually had no damage because I hit his tow hitch. And poor Navy kid in his Jetta felt awful and just kept telling me how sorry he was. I learned the Jetta is actually his mom's car because his car is in the shop from an accident he was in last week (that one wasn't his fault but he T-boned someone).

The weather was gorgeous, the two cops were very nice, no one tried to shirk responsibility, and I was home within 45 minutes. Ian was still at day care because Rich was picking him up (you know, so I could go home and rest). The Element is still very drivable in that the bumper did its job but the read tailgate still works and all the lights are intact. That Jetta, however, oof ...

We all shook hands as we left and I told Navy kid to get some rest. I still managed to call my insurance (USAA in the house! Such nice folks!) and be in bed by 5pm. So now I'm back upright from my four hour nap so I can do my NaBloPoMo post. At least I have something to write about.

When I looked at the police report, it said the Navy kid was born in 1992 and my first thought was "he's old enough to drive?!"