A good day

Today has been better. We all slept in until 9am adjusted time, though I did have to spend part of my "gained hour" cleaning up a river of dog pee (hooray using extra diaper inserts for soaking capacity!). I'm not sure what caused the random incontinence since they're both good about whining and they went out at bedtime, but maybe the entire box of dog treats the stupid cat knocked down and they all gorged on had something to do with altering everyone's system. I'm still under the weather, but we had a very nice day all told. Ian and I stopped by my parents' house and we all went for a walk to pull wagons. First Ian wanted Pop to pull him in the big wagon but wanted me to bring the small wagon too. Then he wanted out so he could pull the small wagon. Then he wanted to get in the small wagon while I pulled it. That's when Mamaw asked if she was supposed to get in Pop's wagon.

I can't say enough how much it pleases me to see my father smiling again. He still has his anxious moments but is a million times better overall.

dueling wagons