Hard knock life

Do you remember that scene from the Little Orphan Annie movie where Annie arrives at Daddy Warbucks' house? They give her a tour of the whole mansion and then ask what she would like to do first. Annie looks around in wonder and says something to the effect of "Wow! I think I'll start with the windows and that way if the soap drips, I can use it when I do the floors ..." and everyone laughs and tells her she doesn't have to work at the mansion, she's supposed to live there! I feel like Annie these days. I come home from work and get the boy to bed and then think, "Whew! It's finally the weekend! I can do all the work stuff I don't have time for during the week! Let me find my laptop so I can dig into my emails."

Wheee! Did I mention we're hiring? You know you want to work here. You too can use your company provided MacBook to work nights and weekends!

Enh, it's not that bad but I'm tired and not much fun to be around these days. Rich has been gone this week at Pennsic "playing swords with Travis" and so I've been holding down the fort. And as much as I love our son, he is a full-time job these days to keep up with. I mentioned today that he's sort of like living with someone with bi-polar disorder. One day (or minute) he's all cheery and happy and playing peek-a-boo, the next day (or minute) he's losing his Goddamn mind screaming "NO SHOES!" as if they are made of lava. Sorry, dude, society dictates that you wear shoes to school. My father actually said today that Ian is "demanding" and I just looked at him like "you've totally forgotten everything about what a toddler is, haven't you."

So when I do sit down at night, after packing lunch and washing diapers and taking my shower (optional) and shaving my legs (SUPER optional) and brushing my teeth (more optional than I'd care to admit), all I want to do is watch the Daily Show and go to bed. I'm not reading much, I'm not writing much, I'm not taking photos much. I just don't feel like me.

But I'm still in there somewhere, and I'm hoping to have that part of me come out to play again. Rich will be home within the hour and I'm hoping to catch up on some emails here and there over the weekend. But we're also going to the zoo tomorrow and if things go well we should be able to sleep in a bit.