Continuing staff education

We tried an experiment today of having all my staff join me on a field trip. We told our customers ahead of time that we would be in all day "meetings" and I told our partner company to call my cell if something exploded. And then we hit the road for Busch Gardens. All in all it went well. I learned the FestHaus doesn't have any cell phone service. I learned Stephanie will still put on sunscreen even if it's 60F and cloudy. I learned about new sandals from Heather. I learned Anne Marie gets motion sick pretty easily. I learned Karal and Scott claim the swings make them sick, while I could take a nap on them if they'd let me. I learned my ass is apparently larger than it was the last time I rose the swings since I thought I was going to lose all circulation from the hips down before the ride was over.

I learned that John knows the names of several different types of polkas. I learned that Shawn and I pick our feet up on roller coasters like the Alpengeist because we're convinced our long legs are still going to smack into a stray tree on the ride. I learned that Chris is a sucker for a cheesy roller coaster photo. I learned that Jennifer knows to never buy anything unless you're leaving the park because you'll just have to carry it around all day. I learned Kevin can climb a pretty significant hill thanks to his new knee, and that you can still use an iPhone even if it's inside a ziploc bag to protect it from water rides.

I also learned that I can remote desktop to a server from a server from my workstation on my iPhone while walking across New France to fix someone's database. And I learned that even when you tell folks you won't be around, they still send "one more email" that we all end up reading while we're standing in line at the rides.

But it was a good day. And I'm very happy with my staff.