Recap of Living Out Loud 28: Sweet Dreams

Erin's Frankly, Miss Scarlett...I stayed up as a teenager all night reading the Godfather and never left the bed until I finished it. But mine was just a teenager's schedule versus anxiety.

Rachel's Day Four I'm so happy for your new opportunity and that it's helping you sleep more soundly!

Deb's Sweet Dreams That feeling of waking up before the alarm is awesome!

Peg's Wake Me Up Before ... Wow there's a lot going on in your house at all hours! Nobody is sleeping!

SuziCate's O Sleep, Where Art Thou I am a snooze button artist! And yes, my best ideas come in the middle of the night. :)

And my own Sleeping with the wolves

This was a fun foray into a new topic and I'm very interested in what everyone had to say. I feel lucky to get as good of sleep as I do. I have slept through a lightning storm right outside our hotel room where Rich thought the sky was on fire. I have a talent for sleeping HARD.

This month I pick Erin as our winner. I feel horrible for the hard time she's had getting sleep. And no, it's not good practice for having a kid. It will just give you more to worry about. So Erin wins our $25 Amazon gift card this month but everyone earns my gratitude for participating!

Stay tuned for our next topic soon! I'm trying to write something every day this month so I have no excuse to not get off my butt and announce a topic. :)