Recap of Living Out Loud volume 27: Blue Sky

First apologies for the tardiness of this recap. My LOL Sunday routine of late has been to write my entry during nap time and post the recap after Ian goes to bed. But we installed a ceiling fan Sunday night instead and then yesterday Dad and I fixed the furnace so that took up my evening. But it's for the best, because I had a few late entries that were worth the wait. So let's see what we have!

Rachel's Clouds over blue sky I am so proud of you for holding onto that domain. It's what I think you should be doing. Now to just get there from here.

SuziCate's Freedom Of The Big Blue Sky I love the line "We are told we are only allowed to stretch the fabric of our lives so far." And I also love the creativity of sewing something new. It's so exciting!

Peg's Blue Skies Ahead My mom and brother were bookkeepers and accountants and I totally get that "no time for imagination" thing. Imagine their dismay when I quit engineering to minor in Creative Writing! And I think your skies will be blue again, if nothing else through your blog. Go you!

Kim's Well, why not? Welcome back, Kim! Leslie's quote made me laugh out loud so hard! Whew, boy! And I also thought about those notebooks of "dream homes" we made. With glass-walled pools and indoor slides and craziness. I love all your blue-skying. Just don't break your arm before final exams.

Deb's The Sky's the Limit Ha, when I first read this I was all, "ooh, Deb does suck at blue skying." :) But I can see glimmers of blue in there. Plant a garden. Get a pool. Go on a date. Then again, wanting what you have is good too.

Karal's Blue Sky Crazy Welcome back, Karal! I'm glad you're coming out of your comfort zone in many ways.

Megan's In my blue sky Ironic that Megan helped me come up with this theme and was so panicked she wouldn't have something to write. But I'm pleased to see a little blue sky in your world.

Ben's How to Blue Sky Hehe, I should have made him write his entry before everyone else did. Ben had to work all day Sunday so we let him slide his entry in a smidge late since he was our inspiration. And now I'm even more renewed to do some more "blue sky"ing.

Donal's Blue skies smiling at me ... I totally give him a pass for being late since he was a) sick all weekend and b) put so much thought into his entry. What a blue sky!

And my own This old house

I am so pleased with how many of you participated, particularly since the topic was a little daunting for some. And I think we've all learned a bit about ourselves and how we should spread our wings a little more. It pleases me to have such a diverse list of people's dreams documented, all in the spirit of living out loud.

It was hard to pick a winner. SuziCate's line really grabbed me. And Kim's made me laugh many times. And Ben did offer us a tutorial on blue skying. But I enjoyed reading Donal's. It was a straight up day dream of all thing things his blue sky camp would have. And no one was counting up how much flushable toilets would cost at this facility. I was taken along on his ride through his camp. And that is really what blue skying should be about.

So I choose Donal as our winner this month. He persevered through illness over the weekend and stayed up late last night to share with us. Donal will receive our customary $25 Amazon gift card but everyone has earned high praise and mad props for sharing. While I sometimes feel like forcing myself to write these will kill me dead at times, I always love the outcome and I always love reading what you've all done. Go team!