This old house

We bought a new ceiling fan for our dining room today. It's to replace the 1980's-tastic chandelier that's currently in there and add some air flow. This is also part of the larger project of updating our dining room. We've had contractors in our house the last few weeks installing new cabinets in the dining room for storage. It wasn't a cheap project to add hardwood custom cabinets and quartz countertops, but I'm hoping this will last us for a very long time. Of course, while the contractors are in the house I keep thinking of other things I want to do once they're done in the dining room. But it was hard enough coming up with the case for the cabinets, so I'm not sure when any of these other things would get done.

I want the shelves in our downstairs bathroom ripped out and replaced with an attractive linen closet. The previous owner had his washing machine in that bathroom (and the dryer on the porch!) so the configuration is a bit odd. Since the light switch is actually inside these 3' deep shelves, no adult knows how to turn on the lights and no child can reach the light. To remove the bizarre shelves we'll end up with a bare spot of floor so we'll need to replace the vinyl in there. And then while we're at it we should upgrade the tiny sink to one a little taller. And then it would be nice to have a matching mirror and lights. And next thing you know there's $5000 gone when we could just put a post-it note on the door explaining where the light switch is.

I want a second story on our detached two-car garage. We're short on storage space despite all our square footage and that second floor could make a great climate controlled storage unit. It would also make for a bitchin' guest house if we put heat, A/C and plumbing out there. And one day our son will need to move home for a short time or at least visit for Christmas and it's a place for him to stay. And if we add a small elevator, my parents could stay there too. Look at me, I'm building an assisted living facility in my back yard! The loading dock will be on the west side of the house.

And while we're revamping the garage and running plumbing out there, I'd like to dig a well for my garden in the back 40. That way I'm not running a hose for city water all that ways and my tomatoes will actually get water. And we've already talked about how I'm going to have corn and a myriad of other veggies out there.

Ooh, and I want chickens! Rich really hates this idea, but I'd love to have my own chicken coop and a few hens. I just need to make it raccoon proof (or as best as I can). Perhaps motion sensitive lights. Our chickens can have ADT too!

Since we'll be raising our own eggs, I'll need a better kitchen to create master recipes in. So we'll have to remove the chimney that runs through the center of the house all the way up through the kitchen, upstairs bath and attic. Of course our kitchen renovation would involve all three levels of the house. I want heated floors in the kitchen since there's no radiator in there. And I want new countertops. I don't actually want much in there other than some better storage and the 15" square chimney removed from the corner of the room. Simple, really.

Oh, speaking of simple, we need someone to come pour us a concrete driveway. Actually, we need a sugar daddy to afford concrete for us since it's a million dollars. I want it double-wide all the way from the street to the fence (100') so it meets up with the laundry room entrance and has a little sidewalk over to the front door. And while we're paving things, I want an asphalt track that runs around our back yard for roller skating and go-cart racing.

Some of these may get done and some will never in a million years ever happen. But for now, we bought a ceiling fan.