Risks and rewards

I have been taking a lot of vitamins lately. I take three huge fish oil pills a day along with 6000 IU of vitamin D a day. Then there's the 6 multi-vitamin/nutrients and the 1500mg of tryptophan (I didn't even know that came in pill form!). My witch doctor claims that these can help with my anxiety. He didn't say I should stop taking Zoloft but suggested that they might help me wean off of it if I wanted. He said that Zoloft can have side effects for some people like weight gain or decreased sex drive. I told him I just assumed those were the side effects of parenthood.

So I thought I would give it a try. Mind you, taking five pills three times a day is a giant pain in the ass compared to one tiny little pill at bed time. It's also a lot more pricey. But I wanted to see if it would make any difference.

I took the pills for two weeks or so to build up in my system. Then on the third week I cut my Zoloft back from 50mg a day to 25mg. I remember taking the 25mg over a year ago and feeling much better so it should still help, right?

Whoo, boy, I'm back on the 50mg regimen again! I have had more late night stomach aches this last week than in the last year. I had actually forgotten what they felt like and thought I was getting sick. And last night I stupidly tried to convince our toddler that he might could go back to bed without nursing since I'm a little sore. After 20 minutes we were both crying inconsolably. Never again. He can nurse until he leaves for college as far as I'm concerned. Just don't cry like that anymore.

I'm hoping to feel more like myself (or whatever version of myself is the Z me I've grown to love) in a few days. I might talk to my doctor about cutting back Zoloft again when it's sunnier outside. But the churning in my stomach is not the way I'd like to lose a few pounds and crying all night doesn't really increase my sexual appetite (the snotty face and puffy eyes are a real cock block). The risks outweigh any potential rewards right now.