Show a little extra love

I've been in a mood. The last three nights in a row, I've gone to bed with or before our toddler son. 10-12 hours of sleep. I don't feel sick, per se, just wiped out. So here it is 10pm and I feel like a party animal for just still being awake.

And then I read about the Konbit Sante birth kits and instead of it filling me with hope, I just wanted to cry. I was okay reading the simple list of supplies, but the lines that said:

The receiving blanket and toy are optional, but are a very sweet touch that we hope you include. That blanket is the first blanket that sweet baby will be wrapped in. Both of these items are the handmade part of the birthing kits and show a little extra love for the newborn baby.

Just killed me. Maybe it's because my son is obsessed with blankets these day and a square yard of cotton can literally make the difference between joy and utter meltdown for him.

So there you go. Facebook event invites are sapping my strength.

I went to a Birth Circle thing last week and it had been a while since I'd hung out with a newborn. God, they're so tiny and they make those little noises like a lamb! It made my chest ache (or it could have just been my milk letting down).

I listened to other people's birth stories and some were very interesting and some were very inspiring and a few were sort of vexing. It reminded me why I need to write stuff down. I had already forgotten so many things from a short 16 months ago. It's all just floating away. So again, sitting on the floor with hippie women listening to stories about courageous unmedicated births and missing my tiny little boy versus enjoying the fact that my very big boy can do all kinds of great stuff now (like communicate! which is no small thing). This is how women get tricked into having more babies this soon.

The only things I'm interested in growing this summer are tomatoes and corn, for now. And nurturing this busy little dude we have.