Post #1000

I've been Radio Silent for a bit lately, but am reporting from the recliner with NCIS re-runs playing. I've just not been in a writing mood, but let's catch up. For the longest time, if any nurse asked for the first day of my last period, I could happily rattle off "January 5, 2009". That got some great looks in the year 2010. And while we're still nursing, Ian has found many other tasty things to drink and eat, so my "friend" made a recurrence this month. Now I'm back to staring stupidly at a calendar and counting backwards on my hands.

I had to do said counting last week when I finally gave in and decided to find someone to fix my ear. 10 days ago I walked in the house and some invisible person started stabbing me in the right ear. We tried warm compresses and ibuprofen and Sudafed and nothing would make it stop. I resorted to sitting in the recliner watching NCIS re-runs and wimpering.

By the next day the pain was gone, but the pressure and tinnitis were still there. I felt like my head was underwater. Or at least the right side of my head was. It's been a major pain in the ass. So finally on Thursday I went to Urgent Care and the nurse told me I have an ear infection. She seemed stunned I wasn't in pain but told me to take antibiotics and ibuprofen and call if it wasn't better by the weekend. It's still not much better but it's no worse, so I'm trying to hold off on the stronger antibiotics they gave me today until I really need them.

In addition to my ear, my wrist still pains me. Since October I've had wrist pain, mostly because my child weighs a gajillion pounds. The first chiropractor prescribed rest and that was a joke. The orthopedist prescribed a cast for four weeks and that worked a little up until I took the cast off and then it hurt all over again. So in desperation I went to a kinesiologist. That visit is a separate blog post all its own but I can attest that on the drive home I felt better than I have in months. The wrist relief didn't last but I'm going back in a few days to see if we can continue improving it.

So pretty much every day, my ear is stuffed up and ringing and my wrist is aching. Oh and our kid got sick his weekend. So it's been a real whine-fest around here. But this is my 1000th post since 2001 so I'm trying to rally. Hopefully post #1001 will be more inspiring.