Recap of Living Out Loud volume 24: Total Recall

I'm a day or two late but here's our recap finally! This was a fun topic and I'm particularly impressed that there were several different takes on how to write about it. You all continue to impress me every month. Let's check them out ... Rachel's Like something out of a movie Wow, that gave me goosebumps. I've never witnessed something like that but it would definitely stick with me.

Grace's Total Recall You say you wish you had a better memory but all those senses are working quite well, it seems. I have strong reactions to smells and sounds too.

Erin's Re-do on the Recall Ooh, I'm always thinking of things to say hours after the moment has past. Or years ...

Peg's Scattered Memories I think most people have issues with memories like that. I used to be able to remember all kinds of things and now there are whole chunks of my life I've forgotten. I feel like it's a sign of a full life.

SuziCate's A Night I'd Rather Forget All that sounds so rough to go through but I love the comparison to the rise and fall of his chest then and now.

Megan's Perfect Poems of Memory I've been trying to force myself to remember certain moments with Ian but the next day is full of things I think I'll want to remember or things I'm full of experiencing now. I can't focus on what he felt like as a newborn because I'm focusing on his faces and sounds now. Nothing stands still long enough for us to really note it!

Candice's Photographic Memory I take so many pictures these days and I'm so glad I do. I want our lives to be recorded like the paparazzi followed us so that we can remember the furniture, the pets, the clothes and everything else. And hopefully have lots of happy memories.

Ruth's Remembering memories So much of my early childhood is through the window of my parents' retelling of stories. It makes me feel like I have a stronger memory of my early years than I actually do and that's awesome.

and my own The filing cabinet of my mind

I'm excited to see what you all did. There were some recounts of things you'd rather forget, some lamentations of the memories lost in our minds and some great details on everything in between.

I choose SuziCate as our winner this month, mostly because after reading all these hers is the one I keep thinking about days later the most. The rise and fall of his chest. And I'm a sucker for dad stories. SuziCate wins our customary $25 Amazon gift certificate but everyone wins my undying gratitude and appreciation for sharing so much with us.

Oh, and if you have ideas for future LOL themes, feel free to drop me a line. You're under no obligation to write an entry if it's your idea. :)