Recap of Living Out Loud volume 23: It. Was. Awful!

We all worked so hard to post every day in November that this month's LOL wore us all out! Entries were light this month but I'm not worried (thank you Zoloft!) and know we'll all rally for the new year. But let's check out the great entries for this month first:

Martel's comment I've never noticed the scar on your jawline or knuckles. But yeah, I could see how they're painful to think about.

Peg's Scarred for Life I would be furious with that doctor!

SuziCate's One Never Nose the Power or Words I never though about the body features we may hate tie us to those we love.

Erin's It WAS Awful Again, I would be furious! People just don't understand how to behave.

Candice's My body is a moving object Argh! That deli would lose my business. I've had people ask me that too when I was nursing and eating everything in sight. Mind their own business!

Megan's No I don't dye my eyebrows And here I thought you were gonna talk about your hair. But I understand the late to eyebrow maintenance routine. It's a slippery slope to not over-pluck!

And my own My right hand man

I would like to note the irony of writing about this damn cast is harder to do with a cast on. I'm actually pecking out this recap on the iPhone. This is what I do for you all.

I liked so many of the entries this month it was really hard to choose. In the end I picked SuziCate's entry, not the least of which is because I'm a sucker for a good pun. And I like how she talked about her scars affect her and others, which I thought was unique.

So hooray SuziCate! You'll receive our customary $25 amazon gift card (I'm way behind on delivering those but plan on that this week). And thank you to everyone who participated in the midst of the holiday rush! I'll have a new topic soon for the new year which will mark two full years of Living Out Loud. Go us!