With one arm tied behind my back

It's been very itchy around here. Rich has poison ivy on both his arms that he caught from his brother's dog at Thanksgiving. And after we modified my cast, I'm convinced I've got fiberglass on my face and hands from touching the dust. We're both paranoid about every itch we feel. Gah! I actually tried to convince Rich to cut this cast off me today. I can't type well with it and typing never hurt it before. It's making my whole arm sore now, though. The irony would be if wearing the cast made something worse on my hand.

He refused to cut it off of me. I promised I would wear the brace and just take it off for showering and when I needed to do a lot of typing. I would still wear it for a long time. I'd even wear the brace longer than four weeks if it meant I could type.

I told him, "I'll just take it off to type."

And Travis retorted, "which you do all day."


So the stupid cast it still on and I hate it. This better work or I'm gonna be pretty grumpy.