Good husband day, good hair day

Genie: "I need your help showering. I need you to wash my hair for me." Rich: "I don't understand what that means. I'm very intrigued, mind you, but unclear what you want me to do."

Genie: "I can't get my cast wet and it's hard to wash my hair with one hand. And I thought I could try that whole rinsing and not washing thing that everyone raves about since I already only wash my hair a few times a week. But I just ended up looking like a homeless person today."

Rich: "It just looks a little frizzy."

Genie: "It looks a little halfway house to me."

Rich: "So what do I need to do? This isn't some complicated thing that involves essential oils and panda tears, is it?"

Genie: "It's two steps, washing and conditioning."

Rich: "WHOA there, two steps? Maybe you should just wait until Laura gets here tomorrow and she can do it. I'll watch so I can learn how it's done. Everybody wins!"

Genie: "I'll coach you through it. You'll do great."

I'm happy to report he did a fine job. Rich also gets a prize for doing all this when there is little chance of sexy time since I can't breath for this cold and my arm's in a cast and the baby was due to wake up any second for bedtime milk.

Today's good hair day is brought to you by my doting husband.

Good hair day