Resting with the help of a little fiberglass

Two weeks or so ago I went to the chiropractor for my wrist. He gave me a few techniques to massage it and instructions to ice it and rest it. The biggest thing I remember him saying is "mobility is better than immobility." So today I went for my orthopedist appointment. I wanted to see what he suggested because I'd been icing a lot and resting as much as I could and the pain had only gotten worse.

They took some x-rays and then the doctor came to talk to me. After looking over my wrist and doing some test maneuvers he said that my ECU tendon is pissed off (my medical term, not his).

He said I had two options. One is I could wear my brace 24/7 for four weeks to let the tendon heal, but he suspected I wouldn't keep the brace on since I hadn't thus far. I agreed. The second option was to put a cast on my arm to force me to wear it and let it heal. Reluctantly, I conceded to that.

But as he left to get the "cast technician" I wondered if I had made a huge mistake. Would I be able to shower? Would I be able to type? Would I be able to care for Ian? About that time the tech came in and started wrapping my arm in gauze so I was committed.

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It's been one day and solidly okay. I did manage a shower. I can type in an awkward fashion. And I was able to pick up Ian, nurse him and feed him and get him to bed. That was probably the hardest. Then again, carrying him is probably what caused this in the first place.

My only concern is that my left wrist will hurt by the end of four months. I can tell you I certainly don't want to have two of these on at once.

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