Sacrificing my wrist for the sake of cute pants

And this would be where I throw myself on the floor in a fit, whining that it's too hard to write something every day! Ah, but here I am. My wrist still really hurts. The chiropractor told me to ice it and keep it mobile and rest it in favor of using the other arm or another technique. I've just succeeded in making both wrists sore now. Ice is the only thing that feels good on it. I tried to straighten the covers on the bed last night and let out a whimper when the sheets moved in a funny way in my hand. It's a mess.

But, hey, I cut out four new pairs of toddler pants tonight! Yeah it really hurts my wrist but the pants are so cute!

So to rest my wrist, here are some interesting links I've read recently:

The Shadow Scholar Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Maru vs tiny boxes (Rich has a crush on this cat.)

And because Rich and I kept singing it in the car last night:

I love Tim Minchin.